Partnering with BHAR for Better Patient Outcomes

At BHAR, we understand that each of your clients is a unique case with unique demands on you as a Probation or Parole Officer. You are tasked with finding compassionate, trustworthy, and responsible experts who will set your clients up for the best outcome possible. We are that partner.

Strong relationships create stronger success stories.

Our Practice

BHAR therapy is targeted for patients experiencing PTSD, stress, anxiety, or a myriad of other life-altering emotions and symptoms.


We help patients experiencing various psychological problems, including: 

  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Grief/loss
  • Problems adjusting
  • Relationship problems
  • Sexual behavior problems

BHAR is a multi-state, psychological practice that provides:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Psychological assessments
  • Polygraph examinations
  • Trauma-specific services
  • Chaperone training
  • Safety planning


In addition to providing remote services, BHAR patients may visit our locations in Havertown, Pennsylvania and Marlton, New Jersey. Virtual services are available to all of our patients, and we invite parole and probation officers to attend their clients’ sessions as well. Contact us to for more information.


The staff at BHAR has the hands-on experience and knowledge to put those positive outcomes within your client’s reach. BHAR staff is composed of psychologists and professional counselors that incorporate Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic, person-centered, and expressive arts treatment approaches to help patients experiencing various psychological problems.

BHAR’s mission is visualized in our logo.

The BOX represents a patient’s feelings of being trapped, either in their behavior or their legal outcomes.

The EVERGREEN TREE represents their ability for growth; the off-centered placement shows the freedom for that growth; and the strategies, tools, and resources BHAR provides are “evergreen” resources they will use for life.

The BREAKTHROUGH of the evergreen crossing over the top of the box represents the breakthroughs patients experience with BHAR’s expertise.

And the B & H of “BHAR” is reflected in the tagline: The Difference Begins Here.

Dr. Jason Hunt, Psy.D

A Delaware Blue Hen at heart, Dr. Hunt graduated from the University of Delaware with a bachelors degree with distinction. He then moved to Louisville, KY to earn a masters degree from Spalding University. After 3 years of working in the mental health field, he then pursued a doctorate in clinical psychology. Dr. Hunt earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and he completed an APA accredited internship at Friends Hospital. Dr. Hunt completed his residency at Ancora Psychiatric Hospital. Dr. Hunt’s externship training includes some of the most prestigious institutions in the country including: University of Pennsylvania’s Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety (CTSA), the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and Cooper Hospital.

Following his clinical training, Dr. Hunt honed his clinical experiences in various forensic and clinical settings, but his experience in the Family Health Clinic at McGuire Air Force Base put the “BH” in BHAR! Dr. Hunt loves behavioral health appointments and is known for helping people to make significantly positive life changes within 30 minute appointments! Ask if a Behavioral Health appointment is right for you.

Dr. Hunt is currently the owner of Behavioral Health and Anxiety Reduction (BHAR) and a practicing licensed clinical psychologist. He uses evidence-based treatments to assist individuals living with a wide variety of psychological illnesses. Dr. Hunt uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to treat anxiety disorders, stress, depression, relationship problems, anger, insomnia, adjustment problems, and grief. He has practiced in the mental health field for over 15 years and treated men, women, boys, girls (ages ranging from 3 to 84 years old), LGBQT, minorities, as well as individuals from high, middle, and low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Caitlin Trainer, M.A., Clinical Director

Caitie is a master’s level clinician and is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. Caitie has experience providing psychological treatment to individuals ranging from early childhood to late adulthood in various settings including community mental health, partial hospitalization programs, and residential treatment facilities. Caitie provides group and individual therapy at the Havertown office.

Kelly Bonomo, LPC, CSOTP

Kelly is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider. Kelly provides group and individual therapy at our Havertown office.

Kelly has counseling experience with a variety of clients in all stages of life from adolescence to older adulthood. Kelly has worked in a variety of settings, including: secure residential with juveniles who have been adjudicated for sexual offending behaviors, nonsecure residential with adolescents and young adults with severe mental illness, and court-mandated outpatient therapy for individuals with substance use concerns.

Kelly specializes in working with individuals who struggle with problematic sexual behavior, difficulty with emotion regulation, backgrounds of trauma, and maladaptive coping responses.

Kelly is passionate about establishing a comfortable, empowering, and safe environment while in the therapeutic relationship, using creative and individualized approaches to help her clients achieve their ideal versions of themselves.

Kiersten Dominic, M.S.

Kiersten is a master’s level clinician and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in psychological assessment. Much of her clinical experiences have involved working with those with problematic sexual behaviors and various psychological and personality disorders in group and individual therapy. She has worked in multiple settings, including community mental health centers, inpatient and outpatient facilities, emergency rooms, and state psychiatric hospitals. Kiersten’s approach to therapy assists her clients in gaining insight into their past experiences, behaviors, and thought processes to promote a deeper understanding of themselves and positive change. She aims to tailor her approach to each client, focusing on building rapport and a strong therapeutic alliance.

Leo Bressler, LPC

Leo is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider. She has experience working with clients of all ages in a variety of settings, including inpatient, residential, community mental health, and outpatient clinics. Leo is an advanced psychology student who is pursuing her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Chestnut Hill College. She administers psychological assessments and provides group and individual therapy under the direct supervision of Dr. Hunt.

Gabi Rost

Gabi is the office manager here at BHAR. With a variety of experience and a passion for helping others, she is eager to be a part of such a special team, aiming to create a welcoming environment. As the first point of contact, Gabi is happy to lend a helping hand and answer any of your questions.

Our Pillars

Our practice believes that strong relationships create stronger success stories. We pride ourselves in building foundational relationships with our patients, their support systems, and their probation and parole officers. Therapy and recovery require a coordinated effort, and our staff strives to streamline the process to best serve all involved in recovery.


We are transparent and forth-coming with strategies for success, tools, and resources for patients, partners, and everyone else involved in the recovery of our patients. There are no secret “black boxes” in our practice. We provide ideal all-in-one access with Our Portal.

Validation & Documentation

We provide timely and thorough documentation at every stage of our process. This means our patients’ progress is well-tracked, resources are easily distributed, and POs can expect detailed monthly reporting on all mutual patients.


This means we are reliable, accessible, and responsive to patients and their POs. No matter if it’s regarding routine contact or during an emergency situation, our staff will always fulfill our duties of communication and accountability.


Safety concerns and risk management are critical in this field. This means our patients, their support networks, and our partners can depend our support, discretion, and confidentiality. We believe: Strong relationships create stronger Success Stories.

Getting Started

We understand that each of your clients is a unique case with unique demands on you, and our goal is to support you as a compassionate, trustworthy, and responsible partner who will set your clients up for the best outcome possible. Our goal at BHAR is to streamline the therapy and recovery process so you are able to:


on managing your case


in our clinic’s proven results

Rely On Us

as an established partner in your clients’ successes

Join Us For a Virtual Open House

BHAR staff invites you for a virtual one-on-one. In 30 minutes or less, we outline how we partner with probation and parole officers for the best patient outcomes, applying our Pillars of Empowerment, Validation & Documentation, Accountability, and Security to our everyday working relationships. Join us to discuss how we align our experience, capabilities, and recovery process with the transparency and dedication you need from your clients’ therapists.

Contact Us

In addition to providing remote services, BHAR patients may visit our locations in Havertown, Pennsylvania and Marlton, New Jersey. Virtual services are available to all of our patients, and we invite parole and probation officers to attend their clients’ sessions as well.

410 West Township Line Rd, Suite 2 Havertown, PA 19083
Phone: (484) 452-5045
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New Jersey:
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